Indiana Math League (IML) 2017-18

Believe it or not, Penn students compete on Algebra to Calculus, every month! Mr. Grounds, the IML teacher sponsor, explained how:

There are two parts of the competition. If a student ends up with a cumulative score of 18 or higher, they earn an academic achievement award.”

The student’s involved in the Indiana Math League, compete once a month for 6 months. They are given 6 math-related, challenging questions and they must answer as many they can in 30 minutes. Their correct answers accumulate, and as Mr. Grounds mentioned, they win an award if they have a score of 18 points or higher.

It’s an “All you can eat” involving math!

The questions are school-based material therefore there’s no extra study for this. However, some students are involved in the Superbowl team here at Penn, which helps them achieve a better score.

The Indiana Math League students also compete against other high schools across the state. And this year, their work has led Penn High School to be 3rd place in the state!

The next competition will take place on January 12th; So as Mr. Grounds said:

“Keep on taking extracurricular math activities, it will help you well!”