Kingsman Court is Looking for New Members

Kingsman Court is a government organization run by the students of Penn High School. It consists of representatives from various clubs, organizations, sports, and academics at Penn. “The primary focus of this group is to make sure the voice of our student body is present in decisions that involve the general Penn community, and to promote a positive sense of belonging for all who are enrolled here,” says Grace Jillian, a senior, one of six executive in the kingsman court. “With this goal in mind, our club tackles various initiatives throughout the school year led by our executive board, who then communicate with the administration to bring these ideas to life”

Kingsman Court not only gives voice to the students but also manages events around Penn, such as Homecoming Week,  the Turkey Legs Fundraiser, remarks the class rankings and valedictorian system, “and more whilst promoting positive involvement with other clubs at Penn.”

The Kingsman Court is currently accepting applications for students looking to be a representative in the 2019-20 school year for clubs and the freshman class. If you have any questions for the Kingsman Court, you can email them at

Please fill out this form if you’re looking to be a club representative. For freshman looking to be a freshman class representative, fill out this form.