Kingsmen of the Week | Emma Daggy

This weeks Kingsmen of the Week is junior, Emma Daggy, interviewed by PNN reporter, Zach Goffeney. Emma plays soccer in the fall, and runs track in the spring. She also has a great group of friends who are quote, “just really cool”. During her freshman year here at Penn she took a ceramics class and made a face jug of one of her favorite YouTubers, Miranda Sings. Emma went to one of Miranda’s shows that summer in Ohio and delivered her the jug. Later that week, her friend saw that the “Miranda Jug” was featured in one of her videos, and today it has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Thank you, Emma, for agreeing to be our randomly selected Kingsmen of the Week, and for giving us a great story!


Miranda Sings video with Emma’s “Miranda Jug”.