Kingsman of the Week | Michael Thottichira

The first installment of the 2016 Kingsmen of the Week segment was sophomore Michael Thottichira, class of 2018.

Michael came down to the PNN studios last week to film this years first Kingsmen of the Week. Here is a list of PNN reporter, Zach Goffeney’s questions, followed by Michael’s responses.


On Food

Zach: “What is your favorite restaurant you’ve ever been to?”

Michael: “It’s a hard one, but definitely DMK in Chicago. They have a pretty good burger bar.”

Zach: “What’s your favorite thing from there?”

Michael: “I don’t know what it’s called, but I get it every time. It’s the number six with the fried eggs.”

On Beverages

Zach: “Are you a Pepsi or Coke man?”

Michael: “Definitely, Pepsi.”

Zach: “What’s your favorite kind of Pepsi?”

Michael: “Cherry Coke, I mean, Cherry Pepsi.”

Zach: “What about Cherry Coke?”

Michael: “Everyone likes Coke and I like to be unique, so.”

On Athletics

Zach: “Do you like sports and what sports do you play?”

Michael: “Yeah, I play ultimate frisbee.”

On Cereal Mascots 

Zach: “What cereal mascot are you most like?”

Michael: “Tony the Tiger, definitely.”

Zach: “Really? Why do you like Tony the Tiger?”

Michael: “I don’t know, he just says like, ‘That’s Great.’

Zach: “Do you say that a lot?”

Michael: “Yeah, sometimes.”

On Superheroes 

Zach: “Who’s your favorite superhero?”

Michael: “Probably Will Smith in ‘Hancock.’

On Ice Cream

Zach: “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”

Michael: “Definitely, Oreo.” (More in Video)

On Television

Zach: “What’s your favorite TV show?”

Michael: “Master of None, definitely.”

Zach: “Why is it ‘Master of None?’

Michael: “I don’t know. The main character, Aziz Ansari, is so relatable to my life, so I think that it’s pretty funny.”

Zach: “So, are you a ‘Master of None?’

Michael: “Yeah, I guess so.”

Zach: “Who is your favorite TV character? Who do you relate to the most?”

Michael: “Definitely Aziz Ansari.”


Thank you, Michael Thottichira for participating in the legendary PNN segment, Kingsmen of the Week. Be on the look out for the next Kingmen of the Week, because it could be you!


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