Little Literacy

A wise grandfather named Scott Allison once said  “We learn to read, to read to learn.” The following definitely rings true for when Mrs. Dankin’s sophomore English class went to Horizon Elementary School and did fun activities like reading and coloring fun pictures with all of the Preschool and Kindergarten classes.

Liam Palmer | PNN A Penn High School students working with an elementary schooler.

The students had a fun time during the event with the high schoolers. A kid named Ryan told PNN reporter Ally Fisette that during the event the students did “coloring” with him. When further prompted, he said that it was fun, and that he would love to do it again. Throughout her interviews with the kids, it seemed that all of them had this same response.

Liam Palmer | PNN The 4 Kids who were interviewed. Ryan is on the far left.

Cameron Billhimer, a Penn High School sophomore, said that as a student, “You can definitely see that there’s a life factor going around in there ; you can definitely see that the kids are looking up to you, so it makes me feel good that I can help the next generation.” He said that the purpose of reading to and playing with the kids was to “get a new environment, and let them see new eyes and new people.”

Liam Palmer | PNN Elementary school students being read to.

The students at Horizon Elementary all look up to the Penn students. The students are lucky to have the opportunity to work with these kids.