Med Club Candy Gram Fundraiser

These past few days, Med Club has been selling Candy Grams as a fundraiser. 

They were selling candy grams to help fund their club and the community. They were also used to spread Halloween spirit.

In an email interview with Lilly Villalba, the president of Med Club, she stated that the candy grams were used to lower the club’s funds, and to donate some of the money to charity. This charity would be picked by the club at the end of the year.

When asked when the candy grams were delivered, she said, “The Halloween Grams were delivered last week on Wednesday and Thursday right before break with the person’s spooky message and fruit snacks.”

The club raised about 30 dollars by selling 90 candy grams.

When asked how she thought the fundraiser went, she responded with, “We thought that the fundraiser was successful for how little we advertised it. We did not know how long it would take to get everything approved because this was our first time doing something like this. The thing that set us back as well was trying to find a substitute for candy since there are strict guidelines for selling food. We are planning to do something like this again for Valentine’s Day with much more advertisement so that it will hopefully be even more successful”.

The fundraiser could be chalked up to an overall success. After all, even Villalba said so herself.

The Penn Med Club is sponsored by Mrs. Austin. If you have questions you can email Lilly Villalba at

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