Exceptional Education teacher, John Mott has dedicated his time and hard work at Penn High School for about twenty-six years. He works to make individual student plans for students with a range of disabilities. Mr. Mott explained, “These disabilities can range from learning disability to a significant disability.”

These plans help students maintain a schedule in which they can learn and get the education they need in a proper manner. Students often work with Mott one-on-one to get extra help to keep up with the school work.

Gabrielle Ciliberti | PNN

Some students work with him in their content subject classes, and some have him as an advisor. All of his hard work is greatly appreciated by the students and faculty.

Recently, Mr. Mott’s son–a Penn grad., came to work at Penn High School as a math teacher. Stay tuned to PNN for an interview with the young Mr. Mott.