Homecoming, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year. Everyone dressing up for spirit week, fun activities throughout the week, a parade with all of the clubs, a football game, and to top it off two lucky people get selected for homecoming king and queen. This year there’s a wonderful selection of nominees from the class of 2021, each with their own set of quirks.

Katie Keogh is a high spirited girl who has been involved in many different things at Penn such as key club, medical club, big brother/big sister, and is on the executive boards of Dream Commission Society, Riley dance marathon, freshman mentoring. Outside of school, she dances for the pre-professional Aurinko Ballet Company which she has been with for 14 years. She wants to thank her parents and many siblings for teaching her the values of “respect, responsibility, and reputation”. In addition, she wants to give a shoutout and good luck wishes to her boyfriend Aidan who has also been nominated.

Aidan O’Connell is not only a Penn athlete who plays lacrosse and hockey team but is involved in DECA. He enjoys teaching kids to ice skate at Notre Dame and volunteering for the 525 foundation. Aidan thanks his parents Keith and Jill, and his brother Ryan for “supporting me in everything I do”. In addition, he wants to thank his friends and teammates for making high school so much fun, and his girlfriend Katie for always being there for him. His hockey teammates also wanted to let everyone know to vote for Aidan.

Kyle Riffel expressed how quickly his high school years went by so quickly and while this one is starting virtual he still has hope that it’ll be a good year. He is a running back for the Penn football team, an outfielder for the baseball team is involved in speech & debate, the fellowship of Christian athletes, and the student athletic leadership council. He wants to thank his parents for raising him to work hard in school and athletics. In addition, he wants to thank his friends, teammates, and coaches for becoming like a family to him. Kyle expressed how in a school as big as Penn you can’t meet everyone which sucks but he’s grateful for the memories he’s made.

Grace Adams says how excited she is to be nominated for homecoming queen and “couldn’t think of a better way to start my senior year”. She’s involved in Kingsmen against cancer, the fellowship of Christian athletes, Kingsmen community care, key club, and the Penn girl’s basketball system. She wants to thank her parents and sisters for teaching her to be kind and to work hard.

Mary Petras is a softball player, freshman mentor, and the student-athlete leadership council. She wants to thank her friends and family for guiding her into the person she is today. Mary should not be remembered by her car-driving abilities but her stellar golf cart driving talent.

Mzati Mwachande is a kind-hearted, protective, confident, and thankful basketball lover. He has involved himself in DECA, key club, and is a member of the track team. He wants to give a special thanks to his friends and parents for helping him along the way. In addition, he wants to thank Mr & Mrs. Ball, Mr. White, and Mrs. Manningham for showing him how to be more confident, a better student, and expanding his knowledge. Mzati wants to dedicate his video to Chadwick Boseman.

Logan Huchko wants to thank everybody who nominated him for homecoming king and while he never expected it is honored to be nominated. He is involved in Penn football and lacrosse, National Honors Society, and DECA. Logan is endlessly grateful for his parents and friends for giving him such great memories and helping him become the person he is today. And lastly he wants to give a shoutout to his girlfriend Addie for being there for him.

Addie Machalleck is an optimistic girl who is very honored by her homecoming court nomination. She is involved in three Penn choirs which she is on the leadership board for, Penn girls soccer, Kingsmen community care, DECA, and is the service secretary for the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Addie can be found hanging out with friends or volunteering in children’s ministry. She wants to thank her family, friends, and boyfriend Logan for always supporting her in everything and to have a positive mindset.

Julia Son is a funny and dedicated Penn swimmer who is involved in PEAC, National Honor Society, and med club. She wants people to vote for her and Samik Ghosh because she’d be so happy to represent the senior class.

Samik Ghosh is a funny and creative runner who has involved himself in cross country, track, soccer, DECA, med club, TEAMS, and Model UN. You should vote for Samik and Julia because they’ll represent all sports, academics, and clubs.

If you’re a senior don’t forget to vote for your favorite king & queen nominees. Anyone can get involved in homecoming festivities by dressing up for spirit week on Tuesday and Thursday, Seniors wear togas, sophomores wear red, freshmen wear white, and juniors wear blue. Lastly, be sure to reserve your tickets, wear a face mask, and go to the football game on Friday, September 25th against Marian at 7 pm. Happy Homecoming!