Multi-Veihcle Crash at Bittersweet and McKinley

A handful of Penn students were late to their classes when a multi-vehicle collision closed down both Bittersweet Road and McKinley Highway at approximately 7:35 AM Tuesday morning.

Students report that a Jeep Wrangler was flipped six times and the driver was ejected from the vehicle.

Two other cars were involved in the collision. One sedan collided with the Jeep and another vehicle crashed into a pole near the road after attempting to divert from the intersection.

Penn student, Kiah Hall stated that “15 police cars and the fire department responded to the crash.” Police are still investigating the cause of the collision.

No identities of the people involved have been released, leaving the question open as to whether a Penn student was involved in the crash.

The PHM Transportation Department responded quickly by detouring bus routes. “We usually go through that intersection,” Penn sophomore Ella, Roberson says. She told PNN that her bus did not pass through the Bittersweet-McKinley intersection. “I would have remembered seeing the squad cars.”

With concerns over bus and transportation safety in recent years, students and teachers are glad to hear that the transportation department responded quickly, protecting the safety of Penn students.