Museums Offer Virtual Tours Of Exhibits For Free

Amid the Covid-19 quarantine, some might find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. Businesses like museums have found other ways to engage the public and keep their business in people’s minds while being closed. While everyone is stuck at home, Some museums from around the world are offering tours of their current exhibits for free. Now everyone can experience places like The British Museum, The Guggenheim Museum, The Louvre, and many more all from their own homes. Anyone can view Nasa’s Research center, the Costume Institute Lab in the Met, and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican by just going to their regular websites and clicking on their virtual tour tabs. Though this is not the ideal situation, these virtual tours can take the viewer to places they had never seen before. These can give people an inside look into museums that some people might only see once in their lifetime. 

Walt Disney World Cinderella'S - Free photo on Pixabay
Elizabeth Rosfeld | PNN Walt Disney World and other entertainment facilities are offering free virtual tours

Along with museums, some zoos theme parks, and national parks are also offering virtual tours on their websites. Places like the Shedd Aquarium and the San Diego Zoo offer free behind-the-scenes and live-cam footage of their animals. The virtual tours at Walt Disney World take the viewer through all of the parks inside. Someone could even find videos on Youtube of some of the rides to get some of the experience that someone could normally get. It’s there where most of the classic rides like It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Frozen Ever After ride can be found. While this isn’t the same thing as being there, these virtual experiences are the closest thing we can get at this time. Places like Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park are currently offering tours through their walking trails. For people who have nothing to do, these can be good alternatives to going out and doing something.

Here are some of the museums and other attractions offering tours: