On January 3rd, 2023, the New Prairie Cougars (from New Carlisle, IN) headed across the county to play our Penn Kingsmen. Penn won their home game 62-32 and fought hard to keep their place.

Game Summary

The top scorer for New Prairie was junior Jolie Johns, scoring 14 points, and Penn’s top scorer was junior Lauren Walsh, scoring 23 points. Some, but not all of the, other players that contributed some buckets for both teams were New Prairie’s Morgan White (#33, junior), scoring 11 points and going 3-for-6 for shooting (50%), Penn’s Jessa Troy (#22, sophomore), scoring 5-for-13 for shooting (38%). Lauren Walsh led both teams in field goals made, with 10, and including field goals attempted (18) and 2-point field goals made (7). As for the deeper shots, Lauren Walsh and Morgan White both made 3 shots from behind the arc, and Jolie Johns had the highest 3-point shooting percentage out of both teams, going 2-for-2 (100%). As for who had the best 3-point percentage for the Kingsmen, Macy Little (#30, freshman) shot 1-for-2 from behind the arc (50%). No double-doubles (10+ in any two statistics, e.g., points and rebounds) were recorded, but Penn’s Lauren Walsh was two rebounds away from doing so.

Team Totals

Penn: 62 points, 5 3-pointers made, 13 3-pointers attempted, 38% shooting from behind the arc, 3 free throws made, 6 free throws attempted, 50% free throw shooting, 21 2-point field goals made, 35 2-point field goals attempted, 60% 2-point field goal shooting, 13 offensive rebounds, 21 defensive rebounds, 34 rebounds (both off. and def.), 15 assists, 18 steals, 3 blocks, 12 turnovers, and 9 personal fouls.

New Prairie: 32 points, 6 3-pointers made, 27 3-pointers attempted, 22% shooting from behind the arc, 2 free throws made, 2 free throws attempted, 100% free throw shooting, 7 2-point field goals made, 29 2-point field goals attempted, 24% 2-point field goal shooting, 5 offensive rebounds, 18 defensive rebounds, 23 rebounds (both off. and def.), 9 assists, 4 steals, 3 blocks, 22 turnovers, and 4 personal fouls.

Mikan Gensic | PNN New Prairie’s Jolie Johns shoots a free throw during the 4th quarter.