The 2021-2022 school year is in full swing, and Penn High School’s choral endeavors are no different. Students and staff alike have been working hard on preparing new music and, on November third, the advanced group Viva Voce performed Penn’s first choir concert of the year. The concert was held in the Center of Performing Arts to a huge crowd, many standing in aisles and corners just to take in the music.

Viva Voce was also joined by the eighth-grade choirs of Grissom, Discovery, and Schmucker Middle Schools. After a set of seven songs from Viva Voce, the over three hundred eighth-graders performed three of their pieces. Finally, two joint numbers were sung by both choirs, ending the concert on a unifying note.

“It was a good chance for [the middle schoolers] to see what it’s like to perform at the high school and to hear what older students sound like,” said director of Penn Choir Andrew Nemeth. “… For some of these students, it was literally their first concert they’ve performed in, so this is a good chance for them… to finally sing for a real purpose and to have an end goal, so it’s not just something they do in class.”

Penn Choir has also recently put on its annual Sounds of the Season concert, which ran last week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.