“I think that Penn will devour and conquer this world,” Selin Bilgicer, first place winner in the novice congress category says when asked about how she thinks Penn will do this year. On December 10th, the Penn debate team placed first place at Chesterton, making this their fourth win in a row this season.

This tournament came with a lot of pressure, as the team has had an overall successful season with a recent win on home turf. But even with the pressure mounting, the whole team pulled through and were able to get their fourth consecutive win of the season.

“It was the first tournament that I was placed in varsity with my partner, which came with its own set of challenges and struggles coming out of the novice bracket. We have a really big team this year compared to other years, and I think that Penn’s speech and debate team will go very far this season as state qualifiers are coming up soon,” Rebeca Ramirez remarks after their recent victory.

Being in speech and debate comes with a lot of hard work and dedication, and requires communication skills. It can sometimes be nerve-wracking or even frustrating from time to time, but ends up being a rewarding and sensational experience. Overall, the recent tournament ended up being a huge success and many kingsmen are looking forward to how this season will turn up.