Attention NBA fans! On December 14, 2022, Penn High School will be taking students to a Pacers-Warriors game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. John Gensic said, “The activity bus… will leave a bit earlier, around 2:15 [to] 2:30 that day.” The “yellow bus”, as it is described as by Gensic leaves from Penn at 4:00 PM and tip-off is at 7:00 PM. Students should expect to arrive back at Penn 2-3 hours after the conclusion of the game.

Penn High School will be recognized by the Indiana Pacers organization before the game. Gensic said, “The trip is going to highlight a number of initiatives and great things that are happening for students at Penn High School from the Early College program having a large number of students getting associate’s degrees while in high school to the building trades program building two houses in one school year to the co-taught classes we have throughout our building, especially in science. We’re highlighting those activities before the game with ten students who’ll be out on the court, and [there’ll be] a 30-second [recognition of] Penn High School and the excellent things that are happening [here].” As a bonus, around 15 students will even get to be on the court circa 20 minutes before tip-off.

Gensic said, “[For] one person [the cost of the trip will] be $70.00 between the ticket and the transportation… [The cost of the trip does not cover any concessions] at the arena, but [students] may be able to get snacks from the bus.”

For more information, see Mr. Gensic in room 232.

NBAE via Getty Images OAKLAND, CA – NOVEMBER 29, 2007 : Jermaine O’Neal (IND) gets past Matt Barnes (GSW) during a game in Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The Pacers won, 108-106. Licensed Creative Commons.