It’s summer time. Kids at Penn High School are running around, lifting weights, and playing ultimate frisbee. Keeping active: that is the goal.

The Penn High School summer gym offers students not only an opportunity to get exercise in the summer, but a free elective period in their freshmen year. That gives them the freedom to take another elective class.

During this class, students do different types of activities such as aquatics, ultimate frisbee, team vs. team sports, and run thirty minutes at a time. Mr. Manspeaker and Mrs. Zhane work hard to keep the students active.

Summer gym isn’t just for exercise, either. Brandon Parker, a student in summer gym, told us what he learned. “I have learned about different parts of the cardiovascular system, and also how to live a healthy lifestyle, or continue to live one anyway.”

Summer gym runs for six weeks in the summer.

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