Penn TSA Announcement

Penn TSA took part in 10 events at the State Conference at Indiana State University in Terre Haute on March 9th. Penn grabbed first place in 7 of those 10 events. They got second in the other two and only didn’t place in one event. There were 8 other schools that also competed in this event.

The placings for the Penn TSA students are as follows: Alex Pippin placed 1st in CAD 3D Engineering. Allison Nguyen, Daniel Nilov, Celine Wang, and Karen Wang placed 1st in Architectural design. Aaron Jackson placed first in Dragster design. Daniel Kline placed 1st in Coding. Arianna Hardy and Jackson Kirby placed 1st in Debating Technology Issues. Mia Schwartz placed 1st in Essays on Technology. Sharon Ni and Julia Son placed 2nd in Structural Design and Engineering, and Aaron Jackson placed 2nd in Future Technology Teacher.

Mia Schwartz was elected TSA Vice President of Operations in Indiana