Penn Vet Club is a club that started in 2016. Their goal is to help Penn students learn about animals and different insights to careers about veterinarians. Former Penn High School students come in to talk to newer members about a career with animals.


Vet Club is planning to work with local organizations and rescue groups. Learning about these animals and different rescue organizations gives members of the club the ability to understand what classes that will help them become a veterinarian such as Biology and other science related courses.

Mrs. Harshberger, the sponsor for the club, loves to work with animals. She explains what it was like to work in the vet clinics:

“Working in the vet clinics was always an adventure everyday. Whether it was helping the little old lady who had a 200-pound great dane, true story, or whether it was helping someone put eye drops in their bulldogs eyes, or simply consoling someone who had to finally say goodbye to a family member who maybe lived as long as some of their children had.”


Vet Club meets in Room 212 once a month after school. The next meeting is in late January and the date is to be determined.

You can contact Vet Club by emailing them at:

By Kevin McNulty

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