Some big schedule changes are in sight for Penn Students. On Friday, January 8th, it was announced by Superintendent Dr. Thacker that PHM Students would be returning to a hybrid schedule of half-virtual, half-in person once again, upon receiving permission from the St. Joseph County Health Department.

However, that’s not the only big change coming in the next couple weeks. After the week of January 11th, 2021, there will be no more White Days in which students see every teacher they have. Penn High School students have one more week of the novel addition to their schedule before all five days of the school week switch from black to gold like they did in prior years. 

Back in September, White Days were introduced when most students turned hybrid. They were intended to even out the students who were attending class in-person, and those who stayed at home virtually. During White Days, students attended shortened 45-minute versions of all eight of their classes when they normally only have four. 

However, this new addition to the schedule proved to be unpopular amongst many students and teachers, and as Penn slowly changed from to all-virtual again before the holidays, the White Days stayed. Now, it seems, the hybrid schedule is returning, but White Days will be saying goodbye for now, which means that school will function like this:

  • MONDAY: All students will be virtual. Black or Gold day. 
  • TUES-WED: Students with last names A-L will be in person (unless they choose to remain 100% virtual). M-Z will be virtual.
  • THURS-FRI: M-Z will be in person, A-L virtual. 
2021 Schedule courtesy of Ms. Peterson.
Cy Meacham | PNN