Second Smash bros tournament held for Riley Children’s hospital

A second Smash Brothers gaming tournament was held in order to raise money for both the Riley Children’s Hospital and the Penn Dance Marathon!

On Saturday, April, 13th 2019 students, gamers, and all who wanted to contribute to a good cause met up to compete in this year’s second Super Smash Bros tournament. This charity event was sponsored by Bruno’s Pizza and all proceeds went to the Riley Children’s Hospital and the Penn Dance Marathon.

Kevin McNulty | PNN People competing against each other in Super Smash Bros.

“It’s good for us to bring in people who play Super Smash Bros and all their friends can come hang out here. It’s just a different experience than like the dance marathon.”, said Senior Maggie Sullivan, who with fellow Penn Senior Erick Wilcox, organized the second Smash Bros Tournament. “It brings in more people for us.”

” I really love Smash and I love hanging out with my friends, and It’s donating to the Riley Children’s Hospital so I thought, that’s like an amazing thing to donate for.” says Grant Parker, a tournament participant and a Penn Sophomore.

This is a charity event unlike any other. It allows students and gamers in Penn High School to not only provide for a great cause, but it’s also a way for people with common interests in gaming to come together and just have some fun. Ian Baker, another Senior who helped set up for the tournament said ” People are coming together and having a great time here playing games and eating pizza. It’s all for a charity, all for a good cause, or people are here to just have fun.”