The Scandal of the Northridge Raiders

The Northridge Raiders defeated the Kingsmen 2-0 in the semifinal, eliminating the Kingsmen from championship hopes, and allowing the Raiders to advance. However, the Northridge coach will be suspended after a scandal surrounding his ace pitcher arose.

The coach allowed his starting pitcher to throw over 120 pitches in the game against the Kingsmen. The IHSAA rule states that a pitcher is only allowed to throw 120 pitches total, and then he must take a 3 days rest.

The pitcher threw a sensational game striking out many Kingsmen, but he did so in violation of the rules. Some may consider this cheating, considering if the pitcher were to be taken out earlier, the Kingsmen may have had a better chance at battling back. Some could say that Northridge shouldn’t be allowed to advance, but, that is not fair either. The IHSAA says a team can’t be held back from a win unless the offense is more serious than a rules violation.

The Scandal has reached attention of local media, such as WSBT. In the end, the Raiders will advance, but they will do so without their coach.