Tune in to Penn Jazz Ensemble concert this morning

The Penn Jazz Ensemble is performing THIS MORNING at 10:50 AM EST in Savannah, Georgia at the Savannah Music Festival. Watch & hear their performance here.You can also read all about their travels at their blog.  Band members and PNN guest- reporters, Mahmoud Al-Fadhl and Giselle Goad are blogging about their experiences.

The band has participated in three days of clinics and lessons from professionals in the field of Jazz music. They have also visited downtown Savannah, a Pirate’s House, and a mouthpiece manufacturing plant in their travels.

Penn Jazz Ensemble performers include:

Penn High Jazz Ensemble is one of only 12 high school bands invited to the Savannah Music Festival.

Mahmoud Al-Fadhl (11)
Daniel Andrews (12)
Gannon Bennett (10)
Grant Brenner (11)
Giselle Goad (12)
Colin Grant (12)
Melanie Isenbarger (11)
Morgan Kochanowski (12)
Bayley Lackie (12)
Peter Lehmann (11)
David Martinus (12)
Chase Murray (10)
Jacob Powell (12)
David Richards (10)
Robert Sanders (12)
Colin Thomas (11)
David Wakim (12)
Eric Wistreich (12)
Sam Wistreich (10)
Hunter Wolfram (12)
Cristian Ziege (12)