Written by: Kelly Kubinski and Marie Roach

Reporter: Mr. Mcnulty

Watch the Full interview here!

In light and remembrance of this year’s Veterans Day, PNN’s Kevin McNulty had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Rice, a veteran who served during the Vietnam War of 1971.

Jim Rice, now 72, served in Vietnam from 1971-1972. He was then sent to California to be diverted to serve 14 months in Thailand. “We ran bombing raids out of the airbase, and I was there during the bombing of Cambodia” ~ Jim Rice.

After his 14 months in country, Mr. Rice was honorably discharged and returned home. Rice says, “The friends you made in the service were a bonding experience of brothers, we just recently started celebrating our 50th-year reunion getting out of the service. Of course, you came back from Vietnam and it wasn’t a pleasant time, but we’ve stuck together.”

Through family and his brotherhood of soldiers enduring these conditions with him, Mr. Rice was able to weather the conditions and live to tell the tale. Thanks to the GI Bill, he was also able to further his education upon his return through IUSB.

“If it weren’t for the servicemen and the people in the military we wouldn’t have the country we have today.”

~ Jim Rice

According to Mr. Rice, the military is a great way to see the world and learn more about yourself. The military also provides the opportunity to further your education both during and after your service.

Thank you to Mr. Rice for sitting down with PNN for this Veteran’s Day occasion, and a huge thank you to all the veterans who served our country.