Why do Hongkongers protest?

Hong Kong is currently protesting China. The leader of the protesters announce that they have at least a million people who came to protest. But information from the police says that there were only 250,000 protesters. All shopping centers are closed, traffic is paralyzed, and the embassy is starting to warn their own citizens to be aware of danger from Hong Kong protests.

Hong Kong Protests

The story starts with Carrie Lam Head manager of Hong Kong island pushing the Law of “Send the suspect to a criminal investigation to be prosecuted in mainland China” of course when this law was announced some Hong Kong citizens didn’t appreciate it because they didn’t want their life to be controlled by China. On April 2019 a group of people start to protest for the removal of the drafted law. Then on 11 May 2019 violence began in the house of representatives of Hong Kong because of the debating of the drafted law between the Main land China team and the democratic reform team.

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Carrie Lam Head manager of Hong Kong

So the democratic team is trying to deny this draft law because this law is against human rights and It’s an opportunity for the authorities of main land China to Intervene in the justice system of Hong Kong. One observation is that the Hong Kong judicial system is no longer going to depend on the jury due to the Chinese government being able to veto the juries vote and force the judge to declare the verdict the government wants.

Hong Kong lawmakers at the first meeting of the bills committee on amending the fugitive offenders’ law, at the Legislative Council on April 17. Photo: Nora Tam
Hong Kong law maker

In the House of Representatives people start to be more violent, first verbally, then fighting began causing one of the congress members to need to be send to the hospital. When this happened the big protest started as we see in the news. The Embassy warns tourists to be aware of the situation and keep themselves safe should they visit Hong Kong. Up to now the protesters and police are still fighting.

Protesters are still protesting and Carrie Lam has already delayed the law but now protesters don’t only want to delay the law but now want Hong Kong to be free from China and gain their freedom and democracy by having Zhou Zua Wong as their leader. Because of this Hong Kong’s protests still continue and are becoming more violent.

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Hong Kong protester has been shot by police officer

And this is a timeline of 6 events that increase Hong Kong’s Protest tension in this year

Pruetipong Srivilaived | PNN Time line of 6 important event