Ted Cruz’s rally to the Century Center

Ted Cruz held a public event at the Century Center for a rally on Friday, April 29th. Ted Cruz needs to win most of Indiana in order to keep Donald Trump from winning the nominee on the first ballot.Ted Cruz told us at the rally he choose Carly Fiorina for Vice President for 3 reasons knowledge, judgment, and courage. He recognized he needed someone that shares the same values as him and will be ready to take control if need be.

He said this election will be concerned with 3 issues jobs, freedoms, and security. He also talked about removing Obamacare, He addressed the young people about student debt, flat taxes, removing regulations for farmers, getting rid of amnesty, he brought up that the government has been getting in the way of everyday people, but that’s what the constitution is to prevent the government from doing so, transgender bathroom, equal pay, restrengthen the military, the end to Rules of Engagement, and Israel with the Palestine issue. The crowd was clapping after every point and from time to time would stand up and cheer.