This is the first election in several decades that has kept the young millennial voters eyes attached to primary results, and for candidates, they are either loving it or not.

As of today with all primaries combined, there are less than picture perfect numbers for the established candidates. According to USA Today, Senator Sanders has a commanding lead over Secretary Clinton with a 17% lead among millennial voters, so far this primary season. Clinton knows and acknowledges that she is in need of the young voters if she does become the democratic nominee due to the fact that many of Sanders millennial voters are first time voters and independents, which worries the Clinton’s campaign since they could be swayed to the republican side.
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In the republican field, Donald Trump has the highest millennials voting on the republican side, with 26%, followed by Marco Rubio with 18%, Cruz with 14%, Carson with 14%, and Kasich with 6%. Trump hopes to hold the millennial vote if he becomes the republican nominee, and hopes to sways some individuals who are undecided as they top two candidates head into the elections in November.
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A reminder to all of our readers, the Indiana primary is next Tuesday, May 3rd. You should have received a letter in the mail about where your assigned voting location is. Be sure to get out and vote next Tuesday. Polls close at 7 PM eastern daylight time, and 6 AM central time.

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By Kevin McNulty

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