In the Womens’ AAA, Penn finished 6th overall with a score of 157 and LaPorte won with a score of 65. Penn’s quickest runner in the invitational was Lauren Frank with a time of 19:25.6. The Kingsmen’s next best runner was Ellie Jankowski with a time of 19:54.6. The fastest runner of the event was Bailey Beery of Bellmont with a time of 18:53.3.

In Men’s Freshman and Sophmore run, Penn finished 1st overall with a score of 46. Of the top 15 our best runners were Colton Shail with a time of 17:02.0, Curtis Cornell with a time of 17:28.4, Chad Piatt with a time of 17:36.4, Matt Long with a time of 17:41.2, Cameron Neagle with a time of 17:46.7, and finally Chandler Neal with a time of 17:48.2.

In an interview with Colton Shail, student of the 2018 graduating class who finished 2nd overall out of all runners, said that he believes that “LaPorte, the Cadets of Culver, Carmel, and Mishawaka were our biggest competition in our meets.” When asked how he liked Culver he said ” it is a flat race and I favor myself getting in the top 20.”

By Kevin McNulty

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