As people, we love to look up to people we see as role models or everyday heroes, and Sarah Hildebrandt is nothing short of that. She a great role model, not just to girls who wrestle, but to everyone who wants to be on top of their game.Sarah Hildebrandt is a Penn High School graduate who won silver during the world wrestling championships for women wrestlers. She wrestled boys in high school, and loved the challenge that they gave her.

At graduation, Sarah Hildebrandt is a role model every Penn boy and girl. She’s our golden girl, and will go down in history as a legend not just as a Penn High School student but as a great wrestler. After winning silver in the World Wrestling Championships for Women, and is trying to win gold in the next Olympics.

Sarah’s fans gathering to watch her compete. | PNN


As a girl, Sarah Hildebrandt was on the wrestling team that, at the time, was about 99% boys. She just didn’t overcome people saying “Oh, she’s a girl,” she shut up and wrestled, proving her skills to everyone. She was so overpowering that she started Penn’s all-girls wrestling team. Sarah isn’t just someone who overcame difficulty in her life, but changed a wrestling culture for Penn.


By Kevin McNulty

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