After a year and a half of isolation, Penn high schools clubs are finally recovering and getting back on their feet. Students who want to make art and want to make a few friends, and memories, joining the art club would be a great way to do so.

“Art club is a service based club and we work with a lot of other organizations and clubs in our community to help give our talents to them.” Gindling is the president of the art club, a great person and influence.

Sarah Mead also mentioned it was a “service based” club but not a chore. “You’re not going to be spending the day after school drawing, you’re probably going to be doing some kind of project local, or state wide.” Mead is a sophomore and planning to send her work off to Scholastic art competitions.

Gwyenth Hall explained, “Its a good experience, and if you like art, you should join. It’s not like an art class, you can kind of just let go here and hang out with your friends.” Hall, a freshman, is finding art club a good way to plug into the community.

When asked why people should want to join, Sarah Mead had a lot to say. “People should probably want to join art club just kind of as an outlet, or if your interested in art but couldn’t get a class this year; also its a good way to socialize and make friends.”

The art club meets in room 162 on Tuesdays after school from 3:15PM to 5PM. They do what they do to help and give back to our community. They aren’t just another club at Penn High School. They are important working members of our society working towards a cause and making a difference.

liam short | PNN Rachael Gindling, ’24 in action working on a project for art club.