College visits are now available! Throughout all of the year, students have the ability to take a tour of possible future colleges. The newest upcoming colleges available for the tour are Western Michigan University, University of Dayton, Purdue University Main Campus, Macalester College, Colby College, Ohio University Main Campus, Depaul University, Southwestern Michigan College, IUPUI, and many more all throughout the month of October.

Heading these college tours is a new teacher this year. Mrs. Jensen was able to host an interview with the PNN Team. Her position here at Penn is, “the college and career coordinator.” Her primary job is also, “coordinating all of the college visits, putting together the scholarships basically the college and career resource center is my office. So anything to do with financial aid, other scholarship searches, scholarships that are open and available to students right now, the college application process, with the new Naviance that seniors are doing. There’s a lot of things I’m still getting into and learning all that.”

College visits are ongoing right now. From now to November 11th, 2021. Be sure to visit your favorite or possible future college before time runs out!