3 Things for a Successful First Day at Penn

With school starting back up in less than a week, how prepared are you for day 1 at Penn? Below is a list of basic essentials for a successful first day at Penn.

1.) Make sure to know where your classes are.

If you attended the walk around this past Saturday, then you should be all set. However, what if you didn’t, and don’t know where your classes are? By visiting the PHM schools website, you will find a map of Penn, so that you wont be lost on your first day of school.

2.) Eat a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and will help get your mind ready for everything in the classroom. Sometimes, however, we are in a rush in the morning and don’t have enough time to sit down and have a full breakfast. Greatist.com has created a list of 34 healthy breakfasts for on the go. These meals are quick to make, and will keep you fueled throughout the morning hours at Penn.

3.) Think about having a second backpack.

Although this is not required at Penn, and opinions vary between each student, it is an option that might make your gold and black days easier. By having two backpacks, you will have one designated for gold days, and one for black days. This makes it easier to keep gold day books and papers in one bag, and black day supplies in the other. This means you only have to switch your Chromebook back and forth everyday, and by having two backpacks, this reducing your risk of leaving something at home for your gold or black day.

We hope that this list can help make your first day successful, which then can be made into a successful school year! We’ll see you all on the first day of school, which is this Wednesday, August 19th!