For her last Tips and Tricks segment of the year, Bella gives us some words of advice regarding the classroom.


Make sure you tell the truth because when you are telling someone something in an open and honest way without lying you build trust with that person.


Taking the time to do things that help you improve your physical health and care for your mental health.  Try to be careful with what you say and be sensitive to others feelings. 


Do the necessary things for someone who needs help. You feel for the person and want to bring help to them. You having a heart, kindness and wellness in the right places, can impact everybody around you.


Pay attention to your teacher in your class and take care of all the tasks the teacher gives. Be responsible and stay on top of your work, and show up to class on time. Have respect for your teacher and your peers. 


Asking a teacher for permission can show the respect you have for the teacher. Always ask a teacher for help if you are struggling. That will help you improve the way your teacher respects you and can help build a relationship with the teacher or peers. Do not leave the class without permission, and stay in the classroom unless the teacher allows you to leave. If you need to, stand up and tell a teacher about your feelings, it is important that they know how you feel.

To close out the year, Bella wanted to leave everyone with a peace of mind as we look back on the year and look forward for the next to come, and in Bella’s words “I will see you next time with more tips and tricks for next school year.” Peace out School , GO PENN!

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