On Sunday, April 26th, fourteen students traveled to Valparaiso University to compete at the Seventh Annual Great Lakes High School Chinese Speech & Writing Contests. These students have worked hard over the past few months and have much to show for it.

In the Level one speech contest, Amanda George, Kurumi Narasaki and Jill Reabe, all first year students, brought home first place.

Level two contest brought us two second place winners, Justin Grocock and Audrey Murray, who are Chinese 4 and Chinese 3 respectively, while Ami Lee, Chinese 3, won third place.

Level 3 which is for Heritage students whom speak the language at home, Penn Students Jason Zhang and Jack Bao brought home Second and Third place.

Level 1 writing contest has Akane Tokusmi winning second place, and level 2 writing had Jason Zhang taking home first.


The speech coordinator was very impressed with the high level of language

BWu with Audry Murry & Ami Lee
Ami Lee and Audry Murry celebrating their second and third place Chinese Speech awards with Ms. Wu | PNN
BWu with winners from Chinese III & IV
Chinese III and IV students who won at the competition | PNN
Jason Zhang holding his 1st place for writing and 2nd place for speech | PNN
Speech 1st_Amanda George Jill Reabe & Kurumi Narasaki
Amanda George, Jill Reabe and Kurumi Narasaki and their first place in speech awards | PNN
Speech 2nd_Justin Crocock (senior)& Audrey Murry(Junior)_Level II
Justin Crocock and Audrey Murry holding their award for Second place | PNN
Speech Level II 2nd and 3rd place_Audrey Murry(Junior) & Emi Lee (Sophmore)
Speech Level II 2nd and 3rd place Audrey Murry and Emi Lee | PNN
Writing 2nd_Akane Tokusumi_Junior_level I
Akane Tokusumi holding her 2nd place writing award | PNN
BWu and Jason Zhang (Junior)
Ms. Wu congradulating Jason Zhang on his awards | PNN

proficiency and the great performances. Congratulations to all these students!

By Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty teaches English and Mass Media Studies at Penn High School. He advises the Penn News Network and manages the PNN Studio and news room. For more information, navigate your browser to www.massmediastudies.net.