By: Kelly, Marie, and CJ

Writing down your thoughts. Every step you take, walking through the halls. Listening to music. Everything around us has a rhythm and flow, that brings us to where we are now. Dr. Galiher said it best, “All the ebbs and flows correspond to the different times throughout the school year. So it’s been a great start to this semester.”

On September 8th, 2023, PNN reporter Kelly Kubinski Interviewed Dr. Galiher over the highly anticipated school-wide theme of the year, “Find Your Rhythm.” As they walked through the hallways of our very own Penn High School, PNN asked the hard-hitting question, the student body needs to know.

When asked, “What inspired this year’s music-centered theme?” Dr. Galiher responded, “Music is an inspiration to many. We all have significant moments in our lives when we can think of music, and soundtracks that inspire us. Even just how a song is written.”

The music echoing through the hallways these past few weeks has led to questions arising from students who have never before heard music playing during passing periods. Will music play every day? Was it just a fun way to start the school year? Or will the music continue all year? Dr. Galiher answered these questions.

“Music in the hallways is of course inspired by our theme, and one of the things we want to do is create a soundtrack for the year. We’re trying to add more music, but for now, every Monday and Friday we’ll play songs. ” ~Dr. Galiher

For those interested in hearing their clean and school-appropriate song played over the intercom, email Penn’s student council, at

PHS! Find your rhythm, and let’s make this year our Favorite song!