With students and young adults stuck inside, it has been hard for them to socialize with others besides siblings and parents. They need a way to stay in contact with friends while doing something they want to do and have fun. While some Parents and Adults think gaming is bad for the students and teens, right now it is one of the only ways some of these teens can talk to their friends.

With COVID-19 in the U.S. in most to all of our states, it is causing people to be forced to stay indoors. This does not allow students to go to movies, go eat or go out to do anything with friends. Gaming allows kids to do something with a friend that they enjoy and it also allows them to catch up with each other. Not all teens have access to a phone number and social media so this could be the only way they could be in contact with somebody.

I interviewed a student asking them if they believed gaming is a good way to socialize during this time we are living in and they said, “Yes, I have been able to stay in contact with most of my friends and have fun at the same time… and since being face to face isn’t really an option during this time, video games are currently one of my best options to socialize with others.”

So even though some people believe gaming is bad for these Young Adults right now it is actually helping them. Everyone needs to be social. We are all human and we rely on others to get through our lives and that is what we all need right now in ours.

Kevin McNulty | PNN