Important end of the year information seniors shouldn’t miss out on

Seniors! The month of May has lots in store for you. Buckle in, because it’ll be a crazy ride. But it will sure go by fast.

Today, April 28th is the last opportunity to pick up your caps and gowns from Josten’s. They will be in the foyer between the Main Arena and the cafeteria during all lunches. If you haven’t ordered a cap and gown yet, put that on the top of your to-do list. The longer you wait, the more expensive your late fee will be.

The next and final opportunity to pick up your cap and gown will be Friday, May 5th. After that, you will have to arrange a special pick up with Josten’s.

If you haven’t filled out the google form about senior graduation info, you should also be putting that on your to-do list. You can find the link here.

Senior Recognition Night is on May 9th! You should plan on wearing your gown (but no cap), your cords and stoles (if you have any), and appropriate dressy attire beneath your gown. Find more information about Senior Rec Night in our announcement, found here.

Commencement is on May 26th. Seniors should arrive at the Joyce Center that day at 4:45pm. Enter through Gate 10. Remember, leave food and your cell phones in your cars! Phones are not allowed to be on your person at all during commencement. Count on your parents to record and take picture from their seats, but their will also be a professional photographer taking pictures as seniors are handed their diplomas on stage.

Finals will take place the week following prom. Seniors are not expected to be at school that week during classes that they do not have finals. However, if you have a final to take, you are expected to be in class to take it. See the interview with Mr. Williams here.

Good luck to the graduating class of 2017 as they prepare to take their first steps into the real world. Congratulations on a great 4 years!