NASCAR Temporarily Moves to iRacing

Like many other sports, NASCAR has postponed it’s season until further notice. Unlike other sports, NASCAR has turned to esports until they can get the real cars back on the track. NASCAR has created the NASCAR pro invitational series. NASCAR will be holding all of their scheduled Cup Series races online. These virtual NASCAR races will not count for anything except bragging rights. That has not stopped many of NASCAR’s top drivers from showing up on race day.

NASCAR will be using a program called iRacing to simulate the races. iRacing is a highly realistic racing simulator that allows all of the drivers to race together from their own homes. The drivers can set up their custom racing rigs as complex, or simplistic, as they like.

Many NASCAR Cup Series drivers will be competing, along with drivers from NASCAR’s lower series. Some of  the best drivers from the eNASCAR series, and retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. will participate in the races too.

Every NASCAR track has been recreated within iRacing. NASCAR will follow it’s original schedule, with a few changes. Some races will be held slightly earlier/later than originally intended. The online races have all been shortened to less than half of their original length.