Concord strikes out against Penn Baseball

The Kingsmen baseball team defeated the Concord Minutemen with a clean score of 14-0 on Thursday May 17th.

Penn is growing hot as these teams keep feeding the fire by losing to the Kingsmen. From the first inning whe they scored 3 runs to the third inning when they scored 6, the Kingsmen took the lead. The Kingsmen scored another 5 in the fourth inning. Penn scored a high number of runs forcing the game to cease in the fifth inning.

Penn is 19-4 for the season, have won 15 games in a row, and hope to continue that streak through the playoffs.

Nathan Lovisa, class of 2018 and catcher for the Kingsmen, talked about how everyone on the team gets along with one another and how they are all friends. ¨I like how we play as a team like we are all friends in the time so its nice that we have that bond,¨ Lovisa said.

Lovisa explained that the team would appreciate more support from the students. “It would be nice to have more students… show up.”

Reporting for PNN: Jess Olvera, Dillon Hygema, and Cooper Reihl.