We are in the last few weeks of the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year meaning finals are right around the corner. The image below is the schedule for the finals. The week before and the 2nd week after the break will be the final testing days. Not every class has a final so be sure to check in with your teacher to see if and when your final is as all teachers may have them on different days.

Ethan Walker | PNN

With finals also comes a lot of studying as some finals are over the entire first semester while some are over whatever the current unit is in the class. When students were asked about how they are preparing for the finals more than half of them were not even aware finals started next week. When sophomore student Mateo was asked how he was preparing for finals he said “We have those? I forgot about those.”

With that being said, here are some things students can do to prepare for the finals.


Review all your previous homework and tests. if you do not have a good understanding of something ask your teacher or email your teacher for help on how to do the subject or unit you are stuck on. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, teachers will be glad to help!


After studying for a decent amount of time, quiz yourself. Quizzing yourself can help you know what subjects to focus more on for studying till you get a better understanding. Continue until you get a score you are satisfied with. Be sure to prioritize which final is more important.


Rest is very important especially for test days. Plenty of sleep can boost your brain activity and your thinking so you can perform at the best of your ability. A good breakfast could also help provide some energy to help your attention span on the test.